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What is a Counter-Offer?
A common occupational hazard, which many individuals encounter when going through a career move, is the notorious COUNTER-OFFER. A counter-offer is simply an inducement from your current employer to entice you to stay after you have announced your intention to take another job. Research into employers who make counter offers and employees who accept hem, has shown that as tempting as they may be, they can lead to career suicide.

Take the following consideration into account before succumbing to a counter-offer:
Any situation in which an employee is forced to get an outside offer before the present employer will suggest a raise, promotion or better working conditions, is suspect

No matter what the company says when making a counter-offer, you will always subsequently be considered a fidelity risk and possibly lose your place in the ‘inner circle’.

Counter-offers are often no more than ‘stall devices’ to give your employer time to replace you

Your reasons for wanting to leave still exist. Conditions are just made slightly more tenable in the short term because of the raise, promotion or promises made to keep you.

Counter-offers are only made in response to a threat to quit. Will you have to solicit an offer and threaten to resign every time you deserve better working conditions?

Well management companies don’t ever make counter-offers. Their policies are fair and they will not be subjected to ‘counter-offer coercion” or what they perceive as blackmail.


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