How to research a company before an interview

You’ve probably heard or read that you should prepare for a job interview by researching the company before you go in. Its good advice but hard to follow unless you know what you should be looking for. Here are some of the things you should try to discover beforehand, and where to look, so you’ll be ready to make a great impression during your interview:

Company news – Stay up to date on the organization’s latest happenings. Not only will you be prepared, but it makes a great conversation starter. For example, when they are walking you to the interview room you can start with, “I just read that you are about to launch a new product. Congratulations!” This shows that you have done your research on the company and have kept up with current events.

Any competitors – Knowing about the type of competition the company is facing will help you answer questions like “What do you bring to the table?” and “What could we be doing differently?”.

Your interviewer – Often companies will publish short bios of staff members. Check these out for common interests that can break the ice. Interviews are stressful and researching the person who is interviewing you can give you an idea of what to prepare for.

Job description – Be sure to save a copy of the job description after you have applied. They may take it down by the time they call you in for an interview. You will want to review this to make sure you have all the skills and qualifications they have listed. If you don’t, be prepared to answer questions about how you will make up for your lack of expertise.

Interviews can be awkward, but by preparing yourself by knowing the company as best you can, you will be giving yourself a leg up on your competitors. Don’t limit yourself to just the company’s website. Be sure to do an internet search to see what is being said about the organization and any industry trends that might affect someone in that position.


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